Medical Image Manager

NHS Trusts are rapidly moving towards an all-digital workflow that will enable medical images such as photographs, X-rays and video to be stored and retrieved electronically. Clinicians and other healthcare professionals will be able to access this information as a part of the patient care package, accessing any image at the touch of a button.

Waba Medical Image Manager (MIM)

What is Medical Image Manager?

Introduced in 2002, Medical Image Manager (MIM) is the first and only purpose built database solution of its type to allow health care professionals access to medical photographs at workstations in their clinic or ward, using a simple web browser.

Medical Image Manager enables all users' access to the relevant image, in the relevant place, at the relevant time to support patient care.

Why does the NHS need MIM?

For the past 100 years, conventional film-based photography has been almost the exclusive medium for capturing, storing, and displaying medical images. However this method involves development and processing costs, and copies of images being placed in patient notes. This is inefficient, costly and does not deliver a modern, high-quality service to clinicians. It is also not compatible with the NHS Care Record Service.

The advances in digital photography now allow for a near film less process, helping to remove most of the associated costs and releasing valuable storage space. More importantly, however, it has the potential to transform patients' experience of the care they receive across the NHS. Medical Image Manager will help support both photographers and clinicians in performing their roles and will help to contribute to a more efficient and advanced health service.

What will MIM deliver?

Ensured access to images

MIM allows images to be shared across all your Trust's sites. For example, this feature would allow a consultant from one department to be able to access specialist opinion from anywhere in their Trust instantaneously.

Integration of images with patient records

As an integral part of the NHS PACS programme, medial images of all modalities will be tightly integrated with the NHS Care Record Service (CRS), removing the traditional barrier between images and other patient records and providing a single source for clinical information.

"A key benefit of MIM is its ability to integrate with other Trust systems such as PAS and CRS. Medical Photography departments must ensure that their work can be incorporated within the mainstream of NHS operations – rather than using stand alone systems and risking being marginalised from the main Trust strategy"

Guaranteed major system performance

As integrated digital care solution, MIM has undergone rigorous testing and comes with a guarantee of technical support and service to ensure that it can deliver the day-to-day facilities that photographers, clinicians and IT need and demand.

Future proofing

Images are more than ever an integral component of patient care – as such a Trust's policies and strategies should reflect this.

"The management of patient consent and the disclosure of information, to the extent now required by the NHS, can only be achieved using computerised management systems."

GOSH Data Protection Policy