No job too big or too small.

Don't you just hate that phrase? Some jobs are clearly too big for some companies. And some overblown companies wouldn't get out of bed for the budget you've got to spend.

But we'll stand behind the mantra - no job is too big or too small for us to help you with. The Waba difference is we'll always tell you if it's our services you want, or find you a company that fits better if we think there is one; we'd rather have happy recommendations than begrudging client accounts.



Exploding paint pots

Waba design and build websites for small start-up companies to large corporations and everything in between. Design is key to any successful brand and your website is the largest shop window you’re ever likely to have, as it can be viewed by all four corners of the globe at the same time.

Worth the effort?

Well a great design will help you to:

  • Stand out from the competition
  • Increase your visibility in the market place
  • Enhance your image in front of prospective clients



At Waba Logic we specialise in integrating with off the shelf solutions and bespoke ecommerce solutions by providing in depth fact finding and consultations to decide on the best process your business needs to make the most of the benefits of selling on the web.

Whether you are working to update your existing site or developing from inception, we maintain a flexible approach and a little "Waba logic" to ensure we provide the right solution for you.



The value of e-commerce is often questioned by companies - whether the sums of money invested will ever be recouped through increases in sales and customer numbers. This is where Wabalogic differs from almost all other agencies; we take a value-driven approach, not just determining what the ideal solution would be to online trading, but the best way to get there, and how to ensure it's done with the key goals of a customer in mind, such as increasing long-term profitability.

We have delivered many e-commerce sites to customers from helping new businesses make their first sales online with minimal risk to building million pound online businesses with all the supporting capabilities - sales promotions, marketing, and analytics. Our statistics speak for themselves: increases in sales of 1000%, ten-fold increases in customer numbers, and several hundred percent increases in return on investment on e-commerce investment. We also make a point of delivering to the timelines a customer has, and working with clients on improving existing sites and maximising their sales as proof-of-concept for the investment in a new site.



An important part of any web presence is a robust hosting environment. Downtime on any system means lost customers and portrays an unprofessional image. We offer clients a range of hosting services with our partnering ISP, from shared server space to dedicated servers with a range of support contracts available.

Wabalogic hosts everything from holding pages and single-page advertising place-markers to e-commerce systems with million pound online turnovers that need guaranteed uptime, resilience, and backups. As with all of our services it's about marrying our expertise and dedication with a range of services built up over time to meet the unique needs of each client.

Analytics, Optimisation and Advertising


Having a great website built for you is, well, great. But it's not enough that you know it's great. You need your customers to know it's great - the customers you have now, and the ones you are going to get. And before that, you need your customers to know the site exists.

This is where Wabalogic's Search Engine Optimisation and Advertising services come in. We believe in tailoring both natural search rankings and pay-per- click advertising campaigns to suit the specific goals and requirements of the customers. Without putting as much effort into these areas, the success of a site is limited to those who already know about it and use it.

Wabalogic has specialised in Optimisation and Advertising for a few years now, seeing success stories such as client revenue increases of 1000% and increases in advertising yield of 5-10x.

And once we've reached those targets, we need the analytics in place to track and improve on the returns.