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50 Years of IMI

May 29, 2018

One of our most recent successes is our mobile App (WMP) which has already taken the market by storm. We have had a great start to the year with the number of clients placing orders for the WMP App already exceeding our expectations with many more in the pipeline. If you’d like further information on how the App might benefit your Trust, please do not hesitate to contact us.

IMI 2017 - Nottingham

Aug 31, 2017

In addition to our new Mobile App - WMP (Waba Medical Pics) we have a number of new features in MIM to show, so please come and ask about them.

We all look forward to seeing you in October.

Interested in going Mobile?

Sep 12, 2016

Waba’s new Mobile App isn’t designed to replace Medical Photography, but to enhance the service. Using our secure App means clinicians can take a photo of a burns victim at 02.00am on a Saturday morning. It will confirm the patient details via PAS, and after getting consent off the patient, the Photo and data can be directly uploaded to Waba MIM. Nobody need worry about the patient’s photo remaining on the device or cloud storage as the photo and data are wiped from the device after upload. It’s a simple and secure workflow that ensures the integrity of the patient data and photo whilst protecting the clinician and Trust. When the time is right to call in Medical Photography a professional clinical photo can then be taken for the patient’s notes.

We know that out of hours cameras aren’t being used efficiently, if at all. Most of the time the ward staff are too busy to ensure that the camera’s battery is fully charged, never mind checking to see if the last batch of photos have been uploaded to MIM, and who knows when patient A’s photos finish and patient B’s start? Using the Waba Mobile App will ensure this is no longer a problem. It’s great for the here and now clinical photo when Medical Photography aren’t available.

If you would like more information on our new Mobile App, please do not hesitate to contact us.

IMI 2016

Sep 9, 2016

Waba has sponsored the Innovation centre this year, so we’ll be hosting two workshops, well actually they will be more like drop in clinics!

The first is on ‘Managing the future’ – The changing role of Medical Illustration, so if you have some ideas on how we can help Medical Illustration or indeed how you can help your suppliers, please drop in and share your ideas.

The second workshop is open to all Waba clients and is really for anyone who attended this year’s User Group Meeting and those that didn’t but would like a catch up. It’s all informal so no appointment is necessary!


WABA User Group

Apr 8, 2016

Clients will shortly be invited to a Waba USer Group Meeting. This is likely to be the last week in June and the venue will be courtesy of Leeds Dental Institute. The aim of the meeting will be to re-establish the Group's terms of reference. There will be two sessions. The first will be for Clients only followed be a joint session with the Waba team. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. If you want to register your interest, please do so by the end of April 2016. info@wabalogic.com

IMI Conference 2016

Apr 4, 2016

which is to be held in Glasgow on the 16th and 17th September 2016. This will be the 12th successive year that WABA has supported the annual IMI conference and we are looking to show casing the latest developments and solutions.

March 2016 Waba goes large!

Mar 8, 2016

in addition to taking on new clients, Waba also moved in to larger premises, Peter Snipe quoted "Due to our ongoing recruitment drive and rapid growth in our client base, it was decided that we needed to move to larger offices, this was done with minimal distruption to our daily client operations and overall i'm very pleased with how the move went."

March 2013

Mar 19, 2013

Team Waba is pleased to announce and welcome Marc Greenwood. Marc has joined us as our Senior Developer, heading up the on-going development of Waba MIM and JMS.

Chris wilde comments: "We are very pleased to welcome Marc on board, he is a very important addition to our team. Marc is aware of the challenges that face our on-going product development strategy over the coming years and is looking forward to tackling the challenge head on. The addition of Marc also coincides with us moving to slightly larger premises, on the note I would like to thank all the members of staff that gave up there free time to help with the move, which took place a few weekends ago."

Whilst we are talking about expansion, its perhaps a good time to let you all know that we have recently exceeded fifty six MIM and JMS clients, just seems a long time ago since we set off on this journey with just the fab four!

IMI Conference 2012

Aug 24, 2012

These solutions enable your department to manage all non-radiology images, video and audio
output within the Trust as well as handling workflow, media and reporting.
Based on industry standard technology, MIM and JMS are accessed via a browser
and satisfy all IT, Information Governance, Data Protection and Caldicott

Today’s NHS expects that any Trust system has the ability to integrate seamlessly with
other clinical systems. MIM and JMS integrate with an increasing range of
systems such as Ophthalmic, 3DMD, Endoscopy, Histopathology, Dental, Oncology
and Genetics.  Trust management are also looking for systems that deliver
effectively to Clinical Portals, Electronic Patient Records and support Vendor
Neutral Archives to make clinical data accessible and future proof.

Current developments include iPad, iPhone and Mobile device functionality. Our functionality
changes are based on your feedback. This means all clients are using the same
core system, tailored to the needs of your department and users.

To find out more about Waba and our latest trade partner
(Fotospeed) please visit our stand at the trade show or email info@wabalogic.com

More ways to finance your project

Feb 22, 2012

This means that a project and on-going support can be funded by a monthly payment over a pre-agreed term.

The MSA allows the acquisition of the solution to be met from revenue expenditure and allows an immediate payback from the savings and efficiencies gained.

Institutions where the VAT reclaim on capital expenditure is an issue, may benefit from savings as the whole solution is delivered as a service provision on which the VAT is reclaimable

Should additional modules or users be required during the agreement term these can be managed within the existing agreement thereby removing any potential demands on capital expenditure.