Medical Image Manager

NHS Trusts are rapidly moving towards an all-digital workflow that will enable medical images such as photographs, X-rays and video to be stored and retrieved electronically. Clinicians and other healthcare professionals will be able to access this information as a part of the patient care package, accessing any image at the touch of a button.


Visbion partner Waba.

Integrating for Healthcare

WABA is now convincingly positioned as the UK's market leader in the Medical Image Management (MIM) software marketplace, despite the introduction of MIM occurring as recently as 2002. The concept is the first and only purpose-built solution of its type, designed to enable healthcare professionals to access medical photographs at any workstation in their clinic or ward – all by the use of a simple web browser.

Waba has nearly 70 healthcare clients using MIM, with a view to expanding its offer to the medical imaging world they have created a seamless solution that now incorporates other areas of medical imaging. Since early 2010 Waba and image management specialists, Visbion have been able to offer a joint solution which allows for ophthalmology, endoscopy and other imaging to be stored and displayed in MIM. Visbion's innovative DICOM interface uses proven technology to further enhance the capability of the WABA solution.

The integrated solution means that clinicians can view ophthalmic DICOM images alongside other traditional image, video and audio formats in a browser based system, EPR or clinical portal.

Until now, the ability to access these disparate file types through a common interface has been limited. Imaging represents an ever increasing element of the Patient Record and as such is highly influential in clinical decisions. The requirement is of particular relevance to ophthalmology and associated specialisms for more focussed patient treatment.