Medical Image Manager

NHS Trusts are rapidly moving towards an all-digital workflow that will enable medical images such as photographs, X-rays and video to be stored and retrieved electronically. Clinicians and other healthcare professionals will be able to access this information as a part of the patient care package, accessing any image at the touch of a button.


What is Job Management System?

The Job Management System (JMS) from Waba is a fexible browser-based solution for use within Medical Illustration departments and Media units. JMS can be used as either a standalone product or as part of an integrated media management solution.

Why does the NHS need JMS?

Whilst there has been an increase in the use of image database solutions to manage patient and non clinical photography within an integrated healthcare environment; most medical illustration and media departments are still using either legacy databases or in-house solutions to manage all the associated patient and job information.

These databases are now having ever increasing demands put upon them by departments who are required to provide management reports as part of their role. Leaving many departments needing to replace their current systems with a more robust and sustainable solution that will grow to meet their ever increasing demands.

To address this problem Waba has developed JMS an integrated solution, which when linked with our Medical Image Manager system, will not only improve your workflow and but offer a complete solution for managing Medical Photography.

Built on industry standard technologies JMS will record all relevant job information as well as offering fexible reporting, invoicing facilities and workflow management.

JMS is also fully compatible with any integration requirements identified, such as the hospital PAS datasets to enable the creation of jobs. Meaning that JMS form Waba will be seen as key to any department’s service provision.

The Key Benefits of JMS

Medical Illustration Workflow
JMS has been designed to provide a complete workflow solution for all clinical and media work under taken by your department.

Reporting & Invoicing
The system is supplied with a customisable invoice template and suite of standard reports.

Integrates with Image Databases
Designed to work with industry standard database technology, JMS will integrate with existing image management systems.

Stand alone or integrated
You have the option of running JMS as a standalone application or integrated.

Built on a standard database backend (Microsoft SQL), JMS is not limited in capacity and can be accessed by an unlimited number of concurrent users.

Support and development is managed by Waba. Product development is based on feedback from clients.

Online Clinician ordering
Clinicians will be able to request clinical photography via a simple, easy to use, web page. The request will automatically verify the patients’ demographics and drop the request on the JMS schedule.

Most departments have existing job management systems. Any legacy data held can be transferred to JMS to ensure continuity.

Browser based
Sharing design principles with its sister product, Waba MIM, the Job Management System is browser based. This means it is accessible from any computer and requires only one installation of the software on a server.

A typical installation of JMS will be safely held within the Trust IT environment. Login will be via your existing user name and password and any patient information will be acquired and managed within the same environment.