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Interested in going Mobile?

Sep 12, 2016

Upload directly to MIM - Confirm Patient info via PAS - Improved Patient safety - Simple workflow.

Have we seen the end of out of hours cameras and clinicians taking patient photos contravening the Trust’s policy?

Waba’s new Mobile App isn’t designed to replace Medical Photography, but to enhance the service. Using our secure App means clinicians can take a photo of a burns victim at 02.00am on a Saturday morning. It will confirm the patient details via PAS, and after getting consent off the patient, the Photo and data can be directly uploaded to Waba MIM. Nobody need worry about the patient’s photo remaining on the device or cloud storage as the photo and data are wiped from the device after upload. It’s a simple and secure workflow that ensures the integrity of the patient data and photo whilst protecting the clinician and Trust. When the time is right to call in Medical Photography a professional clinical photo can then be taken for the patient’s notes.

We know that out of hours cameras aren’t being used efficiently, if at all. Most of the time the ward staff are too busy to ensure that the camera’s battery is fully charged, never mind checking to see if the last batch of photos have been uploaded to MIM, and who knows when patient A’s photos finish and patient B’s start? Using the Waba Mobile App will ensure this is no longer a problem. It’s great for the here and now clinical photo when Medical Photography aren’t available.

If you would like more information on our new Mobile App, please do not hesitate to contact us.