Technology that speaks your language.

Double dutch? Goobledegook? Techno babble? Maybe Waba should sign up for some extra-curricular language lessons, because we don't speak any of those. We'll talk to you about your business; about your challenges and your opportunities.

We'll happily talk to you about cricket, or the weather if it helps get the conversation started...

Aug 31, 2017
IMI 2017 - Nottingham

Waba are pleased to confirm their booking at the 2017 IMI Annual Conference, which is to be held in Nottingham. We can also confirm that we will be joined on our Trade-stand by Fotospeed.

Sep 12, 2016
Interested in going Mobile?

Upload directly to MIM - Confirm Patient info via PAS - Improved Patient safety - Simple workflow.

Have we seen the end of out of hours cameras and clinicians taking patient photos contravening the Trust’s policy?

Sep 9, 2016
IMI 2016

Wow, can you believe there is less than one week to go until the start of the Annual IMI conference, which is being held in Clydebank, Glasgow at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel.

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Welcome to Waba

If you're new to Waba, it's really simple - we do two things. And by sticking to two things, we try to do them really well.

Firstly, we deliver solutions. Ones that are underpinned by technology not driven by them. Whether it's mobile, e-commerce, marketing, social media, custom-software development or plain old Web, we always do the same thing - understand what's needed, explain what's possible, recommend how to approach it, and deliver. On budget and on time. Every time.

Secondly, we build products. Where we see that a challenge somebody has is shared by others, we follow the same process as above... then create something reusable. It's not rocket science, but some of the simplest ideas are the best.

New Services

Did you know? Waba MIM and JMS integrate with clinical Portals and EPR solutions, in addition to these we can also link to other clinical systems such as Theatre stacks, Colposcopy, Endoscopy and Ophthalmology etc. Want to know how to make your Waba solution the your Central repository, then please contact us



Mobile – There’s a lot of talk around mobile device capture. We have been working closely with our clients and industry experts to address the many issues raised. Want to know more, then you know what to do, contact us

Featured Work

Take one client. A new design brief. 2 dozen pages of content. Contributors from all over Europe.

Then take on the challenge of getting a whole site built; copy supplied, approved, and entered; hosting put in place; and everything live. All within 7 days.

Everybody prides themselves on hitting deadlines and bringing things in under budget - but sometimes it takes a company that cares as much as you do to really go that extra mile.